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MixerAPI Bake

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Bake RESTful CakePHP controllers in seconds with this API focused bake template. Read more at


!!! note "" You can skip this step if MixerAPI is installed.

composer require mixerapi/bake
bin/cake plugin load MixerApi/Bake

Alternatively after composer installing you can manually load the plugin in your Application:

# src/Application.php
public function bootstrap(): void
    // other logic...


MixerApi/Bake will automatically detect the following plugins and adjust the bake output accordingly:

Add --theme MixerApi/Bake to your bake commands.

Bake all your controllers:

bin/cake bake controller all --theme MixerApi/Bake

Bake a single controller:

bin/cake bake controller {ControllerName} --theme MixerApi/Bake

Bake everything (theme only impacts controllers):

bin/cake bake all --everything --theme MixerApi/Bake