real-time, low bandwidth, game-like global channel chat for enterprise with persisted, automated scrollback of logs and multiline pasting support. attempt to make long overlooked improvements on IRC technology by inventing a new, simpler, controllable one.
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GlobalChat 2 Server
globalchat 2 OSX

GlobalChat 2

how jsilver thinks Chat should work

goal: create a non-technical feeling IRC-clone for private teams with useful features to help productivity

simple protocol

"It actually looks like there has not been that radical development on the chat systems during the last decade. I find that surprising given all the areas where improvements could be made." - Jarkko Oikarinen, Inventor Of IRC

Try to do what IRC founder said and improve chat. Really improve.

New features not found in IRC Protocol:

  • persistent log with buffer replay

  • send multiple lines in a message, no need for Pastie/Gist/PasteBin/etc

  • roomless, single server design

  • lack of slash commands

  • send anything, handle can be anything too

  • written entirely in Ruby

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