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mreset is quick CSS scheme, based on LESS and jQuery.
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Ume is quick CSS scheme, based on LESS and JQuery.

ume 1.0

1.1 The name of the project is changed from mreset to ume

2.1 The definition of some elements has been added

3.1 In addition to several style problems on IOS

mreset 0.6

1.1 Add hover.css rich dynamic trigger

1.2 Update the html for hover

2.1 To modify a in Apple computer error

3.1 Update the other details

mreset 0.5

1.1 Update the less version

1.2 Update the jquery version

1.3 Update the respond version

1.4 Update the html5shiv version

2.1 Add jquery 1.11.1 support Internet Explorer 6/7/8, but not write in html

3.1 Remove the input padding on a mobile device error

mreset 0.4

1.1 Update the less JS version

2.1 Add animate.min.css

2.2 Modify the animate.min.css connection

3.1 Remove the eggs

4.1 Adjust the logical sequence of CSS

4.2 Adjust for JS sequence

mreset 0.3

1.1 Update some rules

2.1 Delete the weblit input style, especially IOS, very ugly

3.1 Update the default HTML

4.1 Delete '.Major' this obscure label

mreset 0.2

1.1 Update the less JS version

2.1 The addition of animate, used to dynamic effect rich page

3.1 Add an egg in style.less

4.1 To revise some globally defined logic

5.1 Add Microsoft desktop box

mreset 0.1

1.1 Basic deployment

2.1 Add less support

2.2 Add jquery support

3.1 Add the IE version compatibility

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