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package mixit.web
import mixit.web.handler.*
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration
import org.springframework.http.MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON
import org.springframework.web.reactive.function.server.router
class ApiRoutes(private val blogHandler: BlogHandler,
private val eventHandler: EventHandler,
private val talkHandler: TalkHandler,
private val favoriteHandler: FavoriteHandler,
private val ticketingHandler: TicketingHandler,
private val externalHandler: ExternalHandler,
private val userHandler: UserHandler) {
fun apiRouter() = router {
(accept(APPLICATION_JSON) and "/api").nest {
"/blog".nest {
GET("/", blogHandler::findAll)
GET("/{id}", blogHandler::findOne)
"/event".nest {
GET("/", eventHandler::findAll)
GET("/{id}", eventHandler::findOne)
"/admin".nest {
GET("/ticket", ticketingHandler::findAll)
GET("/ticket/random", ticketingHandler::randomDraw)
GET("/favorite", favoriteHandler::findAll)
GET("/{year}/talk", talkHandler::findAdminByEventId)
// Edition data
GET("/{year}/talk", talkHandler::findByEventId)
GET("/{year}/speaker", userHandler::findSpeakerByEventId)
GET("/{year}/event", eventHandler::findByEventID)
GET("/talk/{login}", talkHandler::findOne)
"/favorites".nest {
GET("/{email}/talks/{id}", favoriteHandler::getFavorite)
GET("/{email}", favoriteHandler::getFavorites)
POST("/{email}/talks/{id}/toggle", favoriteHandler::toggleFavorite)
"/user".nest {
GET("/", userHandler::findAll)
GET("/{login}", userHandler::findOne)
"/staff".nest {
GET("/", userHandler::findStaff)
GET("/{login}", userHandler::findOneStaff)
// Some external request needs to be secured. So for them we need in the request the email and token. Values
"/external".nest {
// Require a token as arg
GET("/token", externalHandler::sendToken)
// Require a token and email as arg
GET("/token/check", externalHandler::checkToken)
// Needs authent and requires a token and email as arg
GET("/me", externalHandler::profile)
// Needs authent and requires a token and email as arg
GET("/favorites", externalHandler::favorites)
// Needs authent and requires a token and email as arg
GET("/favorites/talks/{id}", externalHandler::favorite)
// Needs authent and requires a token and email as arg
POST("/favorites/talks/{id}/toggle", externalHandler::toggleFavorite)