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On the road to The Galactic Civilisation

I've hosted two workshops this year where the highest named goal was humanity joining the Galactic Council.

So I hang out with a bunch of big dreaming nerds with a bunch of different interests, but when we explore what it is we want in our future, it's a happy thriving civilisation. You'll know we're there because we'll be looking after each other, curiously exploring, sharing our successes, and making intergalactic friends.

The workshops were about developing a Theory of Change for each group.

+What is theory of change

In each of the workshops, 2 hours of conversation made barely a dent in completing a fully detailed map, but we'd revealed a lot of territory. Both workshops explored similar viens, but here I'll explore the second, because it's fresher in memory and highly relevant to my current work.

Workshop 2 : Why build a decentralised database?

+Theory of change: Secure Scuttlebutt