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a markdown transculsion server- it eats recipe.hmd files, allowing you to weave markdown files together
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This is a dynamic mardkown transclusion server - it parses special inclusion syntax and includes remote markdown, then renderes the resulting markdown.

parts of the project:

  • treeBuilder( markdownText, callback ) : reads text and recursively fetches markdown files that have been linked to in the +[file name](url) format. It stores the markdown (original and fetched) in a json tree, and passes this to the callback.
  • treePartialRender( tree ) : renders the markdown partials of a built tree into html, and returns that tree.
  • treeToHtml( tree ) : provides a couple of methods for rendering tree of html partials into a a single html string.
  • server : serves client static files, and provides and api which client-side code can request built and rendered trees of markdown.


To include a MD file within your MD file, use the normal markdown-link syntax, prefixed with a '+'


+[example include](

With normal markdown renderers this makes a link like this:

+example include

See a rendered example here

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