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* Removed iFrame support and transitioned to contentEditable. This drops
support for Firefox 2.
*0.2.1* (February 3, 2010)
* Added Editor#queryValueCommandState for testing custom query commands.
* Added execCommand delegates for fontSelection, fontSizeSelection,
backgroundColorSelection, backgroundColorSelected, alignSelection,
and alignSelected.
*0.2* (March 29, 2009)
* For performance reasons, automatic textarea saving is now disabled by
default. You can still reenable it, but it is recommended to bind the save
to the form's submit button.
* Requirements for the Toolbar#addButton have changed. The old options will
continue to work, but you no longer have to supply a name or handler if the
names are similar. So the label "Bold" will set the name to "bold" by
convention and invoke the buttonSelection handler on click.
* The toolbar class has also been refactored to make it easier to subclass.
Subclassing the Toolbar class will be the recommended way to customize the
default behavior. So the options hash from the Toolbar#initialize method has
been deprecated in favor of subclassing.
* The event system has been revamp so they behave more like their DOM counter
parts. In 0.1, 'wysihat:change' was fired anytime the contents was modified
or the cursor moved. Now the change event is fired only if the contents is
altered. This is emulates normal browser input field's onchange event. If you
still want to track any cursor movements, you can observe
"wysihat:cursormove". This is an extension to the standard set of DOM events.
It is fired anytime the cursor position is changed via mouse clicks or
keyboard navigation. Since typing in the editor causes the cursor to advance
it consequently fires anytime the contents of the editor are modified.
* To complement the built in commands, selection query helpers have been added.
Example, to check if the selected text is bold, use editor.boldSelected().
* A simple command and query registration API has been added to extend or
override built-in commands executed via "execCommand" or "queryCommandState".
You can register commands or query handlers by setting a key/value on
editor.commands or editor.queryCommands.
*0.1* (October 20, 2008)
* First public release