An onload handler for images supporting cached data
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load_image is a small JavaScript library providing a reliable callback after an image is loaded. It is dependent on jQuery. In modern browsers, cached data may not trigger a load event. We check for that state, and immediately resolve the returned promise if the file is cached.

Usage is simple:

// This creates an img on the fly
  // `img` is a jQuery image object.

// It also accepts an image argument
var rawImg = new Image();
$.loadImage(rawImg, '').done(function(img){
  // `img` is the rawImage wrapped with jQuery.

// And you can use the normal jQuery syntax
$('<img id="foo" />').loadImage('').done(function(img){
  // `img` is the image wrapped as jQuery.

// There is an optional failure callback
  // On success!
  // On failure!

An earlier version of load_image had built-in support for CORS and special handling of data-urls. This has been removed, but is easy to handle in a custom manner:

$('<img crossOrigin="Anonymous" />').loadImage('').done(function(img){
  // `foo.png` was requested with CORs headers.

$('<img '+(imgSrc.indexOf('data:') === 0 ? '' : 'crossOrigin="Anonymous" ')+'/>').loadImage(imgSrc).done(function(img){
  // `imgSrc` is requested with CORs headers if it is an image, and
  // without CORs headers if it is a data-url.


Fork, clone, write some code, commit, push, send a pull request.

This script is partially based on techniques in:

This script is licensed under the MIT license. Matthew Beale 2012-2013.