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Spinto Ruby Gem

Spinto is a CMS alternative for building websites with non-technical contributors over Git. The site builder on Spinto's server is a flavor of Jekyll, with added support for CoffeeScript, LESS, SASS and SCSS.

The Spinto Ruby Gem comes with a server to build and preview your website on your own computer. Open a terminal and cd into a Spinto/Jekyll project, and start the server:

spinto-site --auto --server

Now you can open a browser to http://localhost:4000 and see your website. The --auto flag will ensure your website is rebuilt when files are changed.

> spinto-site --help
Spinto-site is the wrapper of jekyll,
the blog-aware, static site generator.

Basic Command Line Usage:
  spinto-site                                                  # . -> ./_site
  spinto-site <path to write generated site>                   # . -> <path>
  spinto-site <path to source> <path to write generated site>  # <path> -> <path>
  spinto-site --auto --server                                  # Host your site locally

  Configuration is read from '<source>/_config.yml' but can be overriden
  using the following options:

        --[no-]auto                  Auto-regenerate
        --server [PORT]              Start web server (default port 4000)
        --no-server                  Do not start a web server
        --url [URL]                  Set custom site.url
        --version                    Display current version


gem install spinto

And you're done!

Additional Info

The Spinto Ruby Gem is available under the MIT License.

Written by Matthew Beale for Spinto.