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Anlu Wang Anlu Wang
Anlu Wang authored and Anlu Wang committed Mar 29, 2012
1 parent 7f8c5fb commit cd9a1ce838882c761512b5f3f82f6da1538c2c7c
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@@ -158,14 +158,8 @@ public void cleanupEvents(long time) {
- * Returns "<timestamp>:<data>" where timestamp is the unix epoch in milliseconds
- * of when the most recent event was submitted and <data> is the base64 encoded
- * string for events and properties stored in the database. If we couldn't
- * successfully retrieve any objects, return null.
- *
- * We need the timestamp to delete when a track request was successful. We
- * add it to the string to because we have the data here, and so we don't have to
- * call getReadableDatabase() multiple times.
+ * Returns the data string to send to Mixpanel and the maximum ID of the row that
+ * we're sending, so we know what rows to delete when a track request was successful.
* @return String array containing the maximum ID and the data string
* representing the events, or null if none could be successfully retrieved.

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