Podspecs installer mechanism is great for simple projects but not appropriate for complex apps #110

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Podspecs is great for simple projects, but for anything with complex targets or hand-tuned build systems it's really a non-starter.

The documentation for anything but pod specs is one line, though, and doesn't exactly work ("copy it into your project.")

It'd be nice if build systems other than Podspecs were supported - I would imagine even most people who start with Podspecs graduate to manual configuration eventually.



(EG, if you already have a complex workspace, podspec can't comprehend it and creates new ones; it uses OTHER_C_FLAGS to import headers. . . .)


BTW, the project as it stands is not directly usable; two of the files don't import UIKit, requiring moving UIKit into a PCH file for them to be used. Again, this is a default in Xcode for beginning projects, but complex projects typically are trying to be smarter about compile time, etc. Any chance those imports could be added? It's a lot of work to fork it just for that.

Thanks folks. Onward -



agreed, I'm surprised there aren't actual instructions for non-Cocoapod installations. Especially since your documentation for cocoapods says to link against v2.1.1 but we need to update to at least v2.3.1 for the IFA update

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Hi guys, sorry this took so long. I have a release out that removes the need for a prefix header file, and I've tested building from source by copying the lib over to a new project.

With the addition of MPCategoryHelpers you'll also have to make sure to link that lib and use the -ObjC linker flag. I have a much more lengthy explanation here (in the last paragraph). #225

I'm also working on step-by-step instructions for not using cocoapods and will let you know when they are out.

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