Why are identify and people identify different methods #43

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It seems redundant and unintuitive that to identify a user I need to call it on both the root sharedInstance and on its people object.

raid5 commented Jun 7, 2013

Is this still an issue in the latest SDK? I was just wondering about this myself.

@raid5 In the latest version the identify has been removed from people so you're correct, its not an issue anymore

neoneye commented Sep 24, 2013

There is a comment in the Mixpanel.h file that still refers to the -[MixpanelPeople identify:] method

[mixpanel.people identify:distinctId];

The documentation for this is wrong and very confusing.

bsjut commented Dec 11, 2014

What is the current state on this, as it is still marked as open?

@bsjut Good eye – these methods have been combined for about 12 months and the documentation was updated about the same time.

TL;DR; there is only one identify method for this lib.

@jbwyme jbwyme closed this Dec 11, 2014
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