A few changes to make the library work in desktop apps + a sample app. #12

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There's not much to this. The biggest change is that on Mac, the archived events have to be stored under ~/Library/Application Support/AppName.

Verified that the archive/unarchive of the event queue works just as it does on iOS. Verified that events are firing in both iOS and Mac.

Sample App Screenshot:

JLinden and others added some commits Mar 24, 2011
@JLinden JLinden Minor bug fix 3bc8df8
@carlsverre carlsverre Fixed invalid requests not getting cleared from queue adb6a09
@carlsverre carlsverre Merge remote branch 'hbloon/master'
@carlsverre carlsverre Whitespace fixes 379d98e
Tim Remove all references to old-style funnels. 97eeac2
@elfredpagan elfredpagan Stop using the deprecated uniqueIdentifier to identify users
Changed the user identifier to be a combination of the devices mac addresses and the bundle id.
@elfredpagan elfredpagan fix for issue #6
Removed the last 4 array components from the sha1 call.
@elfredpagan elfredpagan remove funnel based methods, cleanup whitespace
Removed funnel tracking methods and all related objects, enums. Cleaned up whitespace inconsistencies.
@elfredpagan elfredpagan Updated Docs.
Removed all references of event types.
@elfredpagan elfredpagan add name_tag support
Added a nameTag property to the MixpanelAPI object
@elfredpagan elfredpagan namespace base64 category
Add a namespace to the base65 category to avoid clashing with client code.
@elfredpagan elfredpagan Namespace TouchJSON
Namespaced TouchJSON to avoid conflicts with client code. Removed unused TouchJSON files to avoid bloat
@elfredpagan elfredpagan update API docs 3df00ea
@fpotter fpotter A few changes to make MPLib work in desktop apps + a sample app. 007532e
@fpotter fpotter In generating the userIdentifier, when there's no app bundle (in the …
…case of command-line cocoa apps), we should fallback to the executable name.
@fpotter fpotter Spacing 87484d1

second this


The best approach for using Mixpanel in an OSX app is to use the WatchExtension subspec of the CocoaPod.

Closing this PR.

@samgreen samgreen closed this Jul 17, 2015
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