Added stopFlushTimer to the header #66

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You must call stopFlushTimer before replacing a retained Mixpanel object, otherwise the timer will retain the pointer,
causing dealloc not to be called and therefore the object not being removed as observer, causing the notification center to access released memory.

JLinden and others added some commits Mar 24, 2011

Merge remote branch 'hbloon/master'
Stop using the deprecated uniqueIdentifier to identify users
Changed the user identifier to be a combination of the devices mac addresses and the bundle id.
fix for issue #6
Removed the last 4 array components from the sha1 call.
remove funnel based methods, cleanup whitespace
Removed funnel tracking methods and all related objects, enums. Cleaned up whitespace inconsistencies.
Updated Docs.
Removed all references of event types.
add name_tag support
Added a nameTag property to the MixpanelAPI object
namespace base64 category
Add a namespace to the base65 category to avoid clashing with client code.
Namespace TouchJSON
Namespaced TouchJSON to avoid conflicts with client code. Removed unused TouchJSON files to avoid bloat
Resolve some foregrounding issues.
If you enter and exit the foreground quickly, it was possible for the mixpanel background tasks to clobber eachother. This has been resolved.
Add support for multiple MixpanelAPI instances.
Removed the singleton constrains from the MixpanelAPI class. Now the library supports a singleton instance and multiple non singleton instances.
Added new features
1. Users can set the API URL now.
2. Added a delegate to the MixpanelAPI Object. Now
users can be notified and block the API from 
sending events to the server. 
3. Added a flag to automatically send the device 
4. Changed the default URL to use https.
Erik Chen
Fix two bugs.
1. The expiration handler for beginBackgroundTask was cancelling the connection, but not setting self.connection = nil, which would prevent all future connections from going out.
2. Remove an extraneous attempt to start a NSURLConnection. [NSURLConnection connectionWithRequest:delegate:] creates a connection that is started immediately, and the documentation is unclear as to whether start is an idempotent method.
guard against nil name tag
Remove the name tag if a user passes in nil.

neilrahilly and others added some commits Dec 6, 2012

Ashkan Farhadtouski
Prevent a potential crash.
- It appears that allocating and autoreleasing a CTTelephonyNetworkInfo from a class method causes a dereferencing exception, which causes a crash. This only happens on devices with an active and valid data service (only tested on iPhones but it might also affect iPads with cell data network access) by turning off Airplane mode and turning it back on and switching quickly to the app.
Added methods to remove super properties that have been previously re…
…gistered, for use as an alternative to clearing all of the super properties just to change a subset of them.
Ensure that a background task is started whenever -flush is called wh…
…ile the app is in the background. This ensures that the app can flush events within its own background tasks while maintaining the behavior of -flushOnBackground automatic flushes.
Merge pull request #57 from Newstex/pull-requests/delayed-background-…

Regression: -flush will not complete upload if called while app is in the background
Merge pull request #54 from RebelVox/master
Rare Crash in the `deviceInfoProperties` Method
Merge pull request #56 from Newstex/pull-requests/unregister-super-pr…

Added ability to remove previously registered super properties
Merge pull request #53 from markonikolovski/instancetype
Changed `id` return type to `instancetype`

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samgreen Jul 17, 2015


Closing this stale PR.


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Closing this stale PR.

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