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import StateStore from './state-store';
* A StateController manages state for an application or component
* Subclasses extend this and expose methods that call the controller's _update method
* Controller will default create its own state store unless one is passed.
* StateController subclasses should only accept the dependencies they need via constructor
* This means the dependencies can easily be mocked and unit tested
class StateController {
// Create's a default store if one isn't given
constructor({store=null}={}) {
this._store = store || new StateStore();
get defaultState() {
return {};
get state() {
return this._store.state;
// Discourage external users from using state directly
_update(props) {
subscribeUpdates(listener) {
return this._store.subscribeUpdates(listener);
unsubscribeUpdates(listener) {
return this._store.unsubscribeUpdates(listener);
export default StateController;
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