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Using JSX with Panel

The example in this directory notates the basic 'counter app' from the README but using JSX to inline the template:

customElements.define('counter-app', class extends Component {
  get config() {
    return {
      defaultState: {count: 1},

      helpers: {
        decr: () => this.changeCounter(-1),
        incr: () => this.changeCounter(1),

      template: props =>
        <div className="counter">
          <div className="val">
            Counter: {props.count}
          <div className="controls">
            <button className="decr" on-click={props.$helpers.decr}>-</button>
            <button className="incr" on-click={props.$helpers.incr}>+</button>

  changeCounter(offset) {
    this.update({count: this.state.count + offset});

To install and run the example from this directory: npm install && npm start. The page will be served on localhost:8080 by Webpack dev server.


For transpiling JSX to JavaScript, this example uses the standard Babel plugin transform-react-jsx. In order for the plugin's output to interface correctly with snabbdom instead of React, we use the snabbdom-jsx package and configure the Babel plugin to use the html Hyperscript function provided by snabbdom-jsx.

Information on integrating Snabbdom-specific functionality (such as its dynamic class-toggling system) into JSX code can be found in Mapping JSX attributes from the snabbdom-jsx README.

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