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Using Redux with Panel

The example in this directory recreates the basic 'counter app' from the README, but models the state interactions with the store/dispatch system of Redux:

// action creators
const incrCounter = () => ({type: 'INCREMENT'});
const decrCounter = () => ({type: 'DECREMENT'});

// reducer
const reducer = (state={count: 1}, action) => {
  switch(action.type) {
    case 'INCREMENT':
      return Object.assign({}, state, {count: state.count + 1});
    case 'DECREMENT':
      return Object.assign({}, state, {count: state.count - 1});
      return state;

const store = createStore(reducer);

customElements.define('counter-app', class extends Component {
  get config() {
    return {
      defaultState: store.getState(),

      template: props => h('div.counter', [
        h('div.val', `Counter: ${props.count}`),
        h('div.controls', [
          h('button.decr', {on: {click: () => store.dispatch(decrCounter())}}, '-'),
          h('button.incr', {on: {click: () => store.dispatch(incrCounter())}}, '+'),

const counterApp = document.querySelector('counter-app');
store.subscribe(() => counterApp.update(store.getState()));

The store.subscribe() call at the bottom ensures that any dispatched actions will propagate the resulting state to the Panel app.

To install and run the example from this directory: npm install && npm start. The page will be served on localhost:8080 by Webpack dev server.

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