Class, which allows you to secure your website using captcha code.
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Simple PHP Captcha

Script enables you to create a captcha code, which increase security of your website. To use this class, you need to modify your form by including create.php into src="" attribute in <img> code.


[17.05.2015] v1.0

  • First version of script

[05.03.2018] v1.1

  • Changed directory structure
  • Config data in placed in src/config.php
  • Added Helpers and CaptchaException classes
  • Added default directory with Arial font
  • Better errors management
  • Code simplification

[21.05.201] v1.1.1

  • Comments added
  • PSR fix
  • Better namespace naming

[31.05.2018] v1.2

  • Namespaces changed
  • Directory changed


  • Add tests
  • Make config configurable