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Enhancements to Ghost functionality

Code syntax highlighting.

Table of contents helper.

Per-heading anchors.

Archives by year, month and day.

Google sitemap generation.

Missing features

  • If you want to have a custom template for a specific page you can do so by creating a template with the name page-{{slug}}.hbs. For example if you have a page called 'About' that lives at /about/ then you can add a template called page-about.hbs and this template will be used to render only the about page.
  • Supported: everything except the home.hbs special page for the first render of the index...


  • pluggability similar to generate-md

    • TOC generation
  • Preview your site as you work. Includes a built in dev server with rebuild on demand.

  • remove first heading if it matches title

  • use a proper yaml parser (if it exists)
  • be more lenient about metadata delimitation, for example accept:
foo: bar
bar: baz

Lorem ipsum ...

as a valid config block

  • Link rewriting.
    • rewrite .md links to the correct file
    • do a bit of work to try to find the correct file intelligently
    • Add support to linking to a specific section e.g. project license by adding predictable anchors in the converted markdown
  • check whether copied non-md files already exist
  • be more lenient about date formats for date fields
  • URL customization options
  • directorify - rename a file from whatever/name.html to whatever/name/index.html.
  • features:
    • archives by year, month, day (/archives? or directly under yyyy/mm/ etc.)
    • sitemap
  • S3 deploy example
  • allow YAML config (JSON is a subset of YAML)
  • relative URLs
  • server + watch + live reload
  • plugins via subarg, helpers via subarg
  • config file in addition to cli opts
  • Google sitemap generation
  • --drafts: build drafts. To preview your site with drafts, simply add the --drafts CLI option.
  • --future: build future dated posts + support for queueing posts for publication later.
  • pagination: set items per page