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  • detect network up / network down
  • detect registry down based on the target URL, so that you don't need to wait so long
  • add support for fallback registries
  • add support for alternative targets:

    • URLs ad dependencies (tarball target)
    • Git URLs as dependencies
      • git://
      • git+ssh://user@hostname:project.git#commit-ish
      • git+ssh://user@hostname/project.git#commit-ish
      • git+http://user@hostname/project/blah.git#commit-ish
      • git+https://user@hostname/project/blah.git#commit-ish
    • GitHub URLs
      • user/foo-project
  • more robust caching

    • during startup, iterate over cache content and list it
    • use minitask.cache for caching
    • allow querying cache by MD5 hash to avoid wasting disk space
    • make the cache use the first two chars to split files into folders to avoid issues with really large folders