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Custom nwm configuration
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My nwm config

This is what I use for my nwm.


  • My default layout is switched based on the number of windows on screen: 1 window = fullscreen 2 windows = DWM's tiling 3 windows = DWM's tiling 4 windows = Fair grid 5 = tile, 6 = grid ... and so on
  • Meta + Left / Meta + Right and Meta + PgDown / Meta + PgUp switch between workspaces (up / down)

Todo / experiments todo:

  • Full screen detection / flash support
  • Write a more tmux-style grid layout (e.g. adaptive slicing)
  • Add support for "execute or find by window class" keyboard shortcuts (e.g. for chrome and pcmanfm)
  • Add support for permanent window decoration, like Conky or another panel
  • Add support for desktop widgets
  • Start window always on a particular screen
    • This would probably benefit from a HTTP interface to configure and examine nwm
  • Write a light compositing desktop background updater
  • Media key bindings (JS, to nplay):
    • Win + Z X C V B

Keyboard shortcuts

As a long time dwm user, I'm used to the following keyboard shortcuts:

# Launching programs
Meta + Shift + Enter -- Start xterm

# Layouts
Meta + space -- Alternates between layouts

# Focus
Meta + j -- Focus next window
Meta + k -- Focus previous window

# Main window
Meta + h -- Decrease master area size
Meta + F10
Meta + l -- Increase master area size
Meta + F11
Meta + Tab -- Sets currently focused window as main window

# Closing window
Meta + Shift + c -- Close focused window

# Workspaces
Meta + [1..n] -- Switch to workspace n
Meta + Shift + [1..n] -- Move window to workspace n

# Multi-monitor keys
Meta + Shift + , -- Send focused window to previous screen
Meta + Shift + . -- Send focused window to next screen
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