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Single Page Apps in Depth

Read the book here:


I've added this repository to make it easier to work with the book, if you feel like it.

I didn't include the commits from prior to the release, because book writing is a messy and painful process of revisions, deletions and rethinking things.

I did all the writing directly as HTML inside a git repo:

git shortlog -sn

tells me that I made 216 commits between Jun 28th 2012 and Jan 18th 2012 to write the book.

There will be a second set of updates coming later on - once I am done with , which is a view layer I'm working on right now. It has definitely changed and clarified my thinking re:view layers. Writing a book is fairly intense, which is why I am focusing on code for now; it'll let me come back to the book with a less attached and more critical perspective.

Directory Structure

The content of the book is in ./content/. To generate the book:

npm install
node generate.js

which generates the output in ./output/.

To rebuild the .epub and .mobi files:

make book.epub

You need to install calibre first for the HTML to epub/mobi conversion.


Many many thanks to jamesarosen and ahizzle for their help!


This book is available for free, but what I've written remains mine.

Translations: as long as the content made is available for free (you can have ads) I welcome translations.

Other use: contact me; as long as your intentions are good I'd be happy to figure out something. I'm not looking to make money from the book.


Content and site generator for Single page apps in depth (my book on single page applications)



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