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Nik Graf nikgraf

Passionate about Software Architecture, UX, Skiing & Triathlons

Serverless Vienna / San Francisco

Jeremy Stucki herrstucki

Tech lead @interactivethings

Interactive Things

Mike Bostock mbostock

I design tools for humans. Creator of @d3. Former @nytgraphics editor.

San Francisco, CA

Mikeal Rogers mikeal

Creator of NodeConf and request.

Node.js Foundation San Francisco

paolo fragomeni 0x00A

co-founder @voltraco NYC

Nathan Marz nathanmarz

San Francisco / New York

Dominic Tarr dominictarr

cruiser not a racer

Mad Science New Zealand

Andrew Brown drusepth

Creator of awesome things.

@indentlabs Amsterdam, NL

Fedor Indutny indutny

While being kept on ice in a Cryostasis Chamber, Fedor Indutny was held in the HYDRA Siberian Facility alongside other Winter Soldiers...

PayPal USA

Marak Marak

New York City, New York

Joshua Holbrook jfhbrook

@fusioneng New York City

Peteris Krumins pkrumins

CEO Browserling Inc. Future rich person and ace programmer.

Browserling SF Bay Area

isaacs isaacs

npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of many JavaScripts. Been making internets for a pretty long time.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

Dan Shaw dshaw

CTO of @NodeSource

@NodeSource San Francisco, CA