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Ddj 1000

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User info

Mixxx mapping

Native support for the DDJ-1000 will be added to Mixxx in the coming months.

For now please use this contributed mapping:


There is no manual for DDJ-1000 mapping in MiXXX yet.

For now please use these as a reference:

Technical Info

Specific DDJ-1000 technical info goes in this section.
See also the generic DDJ technical info here

Pioneer hardware effects

The DDJ-1000 controller runs in internal mode, so hardware effects are only supported for beatFX master channel and analog sources. No colorFX, no per-channel USB effects. Compare to the DDJ-1000SRT that runs in external mode, so it has all colorFX and beatFX to all sources.

Input ColorFX BeatFX channel BeatFX master
1000 + MIXXX NO NO yes
1000 + line-in yes yes yes
1000SRT + MIXXX yes yes yes
1000SRT + line-in yes yes yes

List of MIDI messages

DDJ-1000 List of midi messages:

Undocumented messages:

  • PC APP Connect: ch 16 note A-1 (=message 9)
  • This queries the physical position of the faders etc

Differences between MIDI mode and HID mode

(note1: IN/OUT is from the point of view of the software)
(note2: HID tests done in virtual DJ, to have different software FX than the hardware ones)
(note3: MIDI messages and Bugfixes can be manipulated by the firmware or by the Driver)

BeatFX ON/OFF button:

  1. MIDI:
    1. OUT: This button has its own state machine. It doesn't react to sending a MIDI message, so we can't reset it
    2. IN: There is no visibility of the blinking status. Pressing the button always output a TOGGLE message
  2. HID: VirtualDJ has full control

BeatFX Screen:

  1. MIDI: No visibility or control. The screen always shows the Pioneer effects and their values. These Pioneer effects are ONLY applied on the master channel
  2. HID: VirtualDJ has full control. Master channel is VDJ effects. If an analog source is choose, the Pioneer effects return for that channel.

SoundColorFX buttons:

  1. MIDI:
    1. IN: button blinks by itself, even when using shift+button
    2. OUT: button reacts to stop blinking
  2. HID: Unknown

Pad Page:

  1. MIDI:
   - IN: it has its own state machine, per pad mode
   - OUT: no reaction
- HID: Full control; Hotcues have 2 subpages; Loops mode have >4 sub-pages  

Deck select:

  1. MIDI:
    1. IN: no visibility on the active deck; the firmware always return channel 3/4 regardless of the active channel. The active channel needs to be inferred by later messages.
    2. OUT: no reaction
  2. HID: unknown

Dual USB:

  1. MIDI:
    1. Input select: these are received in both USB ports
    2. Deck messages: these are filtered by the firmware. Receiving deck messages + Input select is the only way to know which USB you are (see below)
    3. Mixer controls: all messages are sent to both USB ports. This is teh case even for shared controls like the crossfader. Thus it needs software filtering
     * crossfader
     * gain, volume, EQ
     * colorFX buttons
     * all beatFX (including dry/wet)
     * Filter knob
- HID: Confirmed that Rekordbox and Virtual can share a controller just fine

MIDI Jog screens differences to HID mode

  1. MIDI:
    1. Quite spartan, but it has all the basics
    2. Compared to the 1000SRT screens it just misses tempo range and elapsed+remaining
    3. Sync led doesn't react (firmware bug acknowledged by support)
  2. HID:
    1. Luxurious displays. Adds tempo range, Waveforms, cuescope, cover art

Important: the DDJ-1000SRT doesn't have ANY jog screens in MIDI mode. This is a business decision of the Serato company.

Please voice your opinion on this feature request thread:

List of firmware bugs open tickets

This is a list of open support tickets with Pioneer about the firmware MIDI bugs. All these have been open for many months.

To raise the priority, please create a ticket yourself in the Pioneer forum. Just mention the issue name and the previous ticket number, ie, copy-paste this table.

New Ticket link:

To create an account on the Pioneer website, be sure to:

  • Do not use add-block plus (or similar)
  • Clear your cookies
  • Prefer Edge browser instead of Chrome
Ticket number Controller Description
147606 DDJ-1000 Jog screen sync led gets stuck
147606 DDJ-1000 BeatFX does't respond to messages, and doesn't tell the current state
147606 DDJ-1000 Jog Ring brightness not customizable
147606 DDJ-1000 Impossible to know which deck you are (deck1 vs 3)
203047 DDJ-1000 Faders ignore USB-selector
205732 DDJ-1000 Impossible to know beatFX parameter value
Ticket number Controller Description
147606 DDJ-1000SRT Jog Screens not mappable because of a bussiness decision of the Serato company
147606 DDJ-800 Jog Screens dead, eventough they are described in the MIDI table and are the same as DDJ-1000
159944 XDJ-XZ Shift doesn't send alternative messages
159944 XDJ-XZ Jog screens only have needle and cue marker
159944 XDJ-XZ Jog turn/touch same mssage for vinyl=off

Several if not all of these issues affect DJayPro, which runs in MIDI mode. In particular DDJ-800 has no jog screens at all.

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