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Getting Involved

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Getting Involved with Mixxx

You want to make Mixxx better, but what can you do?

<cue Daft Punk synths>

//Code it! Test it! //

//Tune it! Tweak it! //

//Skin it! Teach it! //

Show it! Support it!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Code it!

The most direct way to help Mixxx is through coding. Patches that fix bugs are welcomed with open arms. Mixxx is written in C++ and makes extensive use of the Qt libraries, which make C++ more like Java than C.
If you have some programming experience but don't know C++, working on Mixxx can be a great way to start learning C++. Take a look at the Learning Resources page. If you do not already use one, it is a lot easier to work on a huge C++ program like Mixxx with an IDE such as KDevelop or Eclipse than a text editor such as Kate or GEdit.

Have a look at the Developer Documentation part in the wiki for compiling and guidelines. See Using Git for how to get your changes included in Mixxx.

The best way to get familiar with the code base is to tackle some of the easy bugs that can be fixed in a weekend. There are also lots of wishlist bugs. These are things that people have requested be added to Mixxx. Completing any of these will make someone's day (or a lot of people's year, depending on the bug)!

So you're somewhat technical but not a C++ coder, what else can you do?

Test it!

Grab the latest development builds from our build server or compile the source code from git. Suggest improvements and report bugs.

You can also provide feedback on experimental features before they are merged into the master git branch by checking out GitHub pull requests locally.

Tune it!

You can publish your tricks for tuning Mixxx to the max on whatever combination operating system/hardware you run onto the Wiki; new users often struggle with a getting good low-latency set-up so easy to follow tuning instructions are an invaluable contribution.

Tweak it!

With a little knowledge JavaScript, you can modify the hardware controller script files to do crazy-new-awesome things or just fix up a function that is already there. If you have access to hardware that is not listed as having a Mixxx mapping in the DJ Hardware Guide, mappings for new devices are appreciated! Refer to the Contributing Mappings page for more details.

Skin it!

Are you good at graphics design? Help make Mixxx look even better by doing some artwork or skinning the interface.

Make a skin, check out this page for how to Creating Skins.

Make some promo artwork - eg. T-Shirt designs, DJ artwork for the website, etc, and post them to our mixxx-devel mailing list or on our forums.

Keep the work original please (ripping off other people's copyrights ain't cool and it can get us in trouble).

Teach it!

If you already know you are a kick-ass DJ, please show us your awesome skills and teach us a thing or two about how to use Mixxx to DJ better by doing a video and putting it up on Youtube or Vimeo.

Mixxx is looking for a resident DJ to teach the rest of us. ;)

If you know of helpful resources for DJing, please add them to the Beginner DJ Links wiki page. You can also help by contributing to the manual.

If you are fluent and literate in languages other than English, you can help translate Mixxx.

Show it!

If you love Mixxx, show it... Record a mash-up and post it. Show Mixxx off in a club. Show Mixxx to your friends.... take Mixxx on a world tour. We'll provide the Mixxx stickers. :D

Then show us what you did on IRC, the forums, or the mailing list.

Support it!

Not technical? No time to spare? No worries, making a monetary donation only takes about 2 minutes. You can donate without a Paypal account using just a credit card. Please see the Donate button on our main homepage.

We also accept hardware donations from manufacturers of DJ equipment which we use to improve both specific and general hardware support in Mixxx. Please contact the hardware coordinators if you'd like to work with us.