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Korg Kaoss DJ controller

2-deck controller with touch controlled jogwheels, built-in 4-channel soundcard and a Korg Kaoss Pad as built-in effect section (can be switched off for using software effects).

Configuration options


No. Name Function Shifted Operation
1 Headphone knob Adjusts the headphone level ---
2 Balance knob Adjusts the balance between the master level and the headphone monitor level ---
3 Master knob Adjust the master volume level ---
4 Browse knob Selects a song from the library Moves between levels (TODO)
5 Display Indicates the effect number or parameter Indicates the key or scale
6 Touchpad Mode Button Switches the touchpad between the Controller, KAOSS Effect, and Sampler modes (long press for blue LED) ---
7 Program/Value Knob Selects an effect Selects a key, selects a scale
8 Tap Button Sets the tempo
Long-press this button to access the auto BPM function
Key setting mode
9 Hold Button Enables/disables the touchpad’s hold function Scale setting mode
10 Touchpad (controller mode) Controls the effects of the DJ software. The vertical axis controls the mix (dry/wet) knob and the horizontal axis controls the super knob. Adjusts the Beats Multiplier (TODO)
::: Touchpad (Kaoss Effect mode) Controls the KAOSS effect Adjusts the depth of the KAOSS Effect
::: Touchpad (sampler mode) Controls the sampler function of the DJ software ---
11 Crossfader Adjusts the balance between Decks A and B ---
12 Touch Slider mode button Switches between the three touch slider mode ---
13 Touch Slider (Normal mode) Left Side - Nudges (pitch -)
Center - Enables the touch wheel's Scratch mode
Right Side - Nudges (pitch +)
Moves to the specified position in the song (slider)
Touch Slider (Hot Cue mode) Left Side - Sets Hot Cue 1, and moves to Hot Cue 1
Center - Sets Hot Cue 2, and moves to Hot Cue 2
Right Side - Sets Hot Cue 3, and moves to Hot Cue 3
Deletes Hot Cue 1
Deletes Hot Cue 2
Deletes Hot Cue 3
Touch Slider (Loop mode) Left Side - Auto Loop × 1/2
Center - Loop on/off
Right Side - Auto Loop × 2
Sets the Loop In point
Auto Loop × 1
Sets the Loop Out point
14 EQ Boosts or Cuts the Hi EQ
Boosts or Cuts the Mid EQ
Boosts or Cuts the Lo EQ
15 Gain knob Adjusts the gain ---
16 Load button Loads the song into the selected deck ---
17 Fx button Left - FX1 rack mix knob can be manipulated when enabled
Right - FX2 rack mix knob can be manipulated when enabled
18 Headphone cue button Turns the headphone monitor on/off Switches the function of the level meter between Deck A/B and the Master level
19 Touch wheel Scratches (in scratch mode) or adjusts the pitch Search function (in scratch mode) or moves beatgrid
20 Pitch fader Adjusts the pitch ---
21 Level meter Indicates the input level to deck A/B or the master level ---
22 Shift button Holding this button provides access to the controllers SHIFT functions ---
23 Play / pause button Starts/pauses the song Key Lock On/Off
24 Sync button Synchronizes the tempo of Deck A and Deck B Cancels tempo synchronization
25 Cue button Sets the cue point or moves to the cue point Returns to the beginning of the song.
26 Level fader Adjusts the level of deck A/B ---