A curated list of WordPress related podcasts we like to listen to.
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Awesome WordPress Podcasts Awesome

A collection of awesome WordPress related podcast in all languages.

Table of Contents


  • Apply Filters - Apply Filters is a podcast dedicated to WordPress development and brought to you by Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson.
  • Commit Access - Intimate conversations with WordPress Contributors.
  • Matt Report - A podcast for freelancers, agency owners, product creators, craving actionable advice -- with a pulse on the WordPress world.
  • Post Status - This is the Post Status Draft podcast with Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle.
  • WPWeekly - WordPress Weekly is a WPTavern podcast and focuses on news with supplemental interviews and discussion.
  • WP Elevation - A premier WordPress business podcast. It brings you interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the WordPress industry to help you build a successful WordPress business.
  • WP Plugins A to Z - The weekly podcast that covers an assortment of plugins from WordPress.
  • WP Tonic - Business podcast covering the intersection of WordPress development, business, and marketing.

German / Deutsch

  • capital_P_odcast - Maja und Bernhard richten sich vor allem an Anwender und Einsteiger.
  • PressWerk - Thorsten und Simon besprechen Entwickler Themen, sowie auch Blogger, Anwender und Einsteiger Themen.
  • WP Sofa - Das Trio Hans-Helge, René und Sven reden über News in der WP Welt, laden Gäster ein und stellen auch mal Plugins vor.


You want to add an awesome WordPress podcast to the list? Nice! Please follow the steps in CONTRIBUTING.md.