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__DATA__ in data section *does* screw up

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1 parent b2576ce commit 65012778a2c98bca584c6c88398a948d610b4dd1 @miyagawa committed Mar 18, 2010
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@@ -94,10 +94,10 @@ caller code.
=head1 BUGS
-If you code has C<__DATA__> somewhere else in the code, this module
-might be tricked by that (though since its match is greedy,
-C<__DATA__> appearing I<before> the actual data section might be
+If you data section has literal C<__DATA__> in the data section, this
+module might be tricked by that. Although since its pattern match is
+greedy, C<__DATA__> appearing I<before> the actual data section
+(i.e. in the code) might be okay.
This is by design -- in thoery you can C<tell> the DATA handle before
reading it, but then reloading the data section of the file (handy for

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