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Revision history for Perl extension Encode::JP::Mobile
0.30 Mon Oct 22 18:16:57 PDT 2012
- Support new in tests where unknown character name throws fatal errors (Karl Williamson) #4
0.29 Tue Oct 16 17:59:29 PDT 2012
- Fixses issues with between on perl 5.14 and 5.16 (tokuhirom)
0.28 Thu Apr 19 19:18:54 PDT 2012
- Fixed RT:76373
- Fixed failing tests on perl5.12+ (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- Added MIME-Header-JP-Mobile-* encodings (Naoki Tomita)
- Fixed x-iso-2022-jp-airedge alias (Naoki Tomita)
0.25 Mon May 19 13:58:35 JST 2008
- *IMPORTANT* Supports completely mutual pictogram conversion.
Added pictogram auto-mapping for x-sjis-softbank(-auto) <=> x-sjis-docomo and x-sjis-kddi-auto.
Added x-sjis-(carrier)-raw for no pictogram auto-mapping.
Now x-sjis-kddi does not support roundtrip pictogram to docomo,
It's just alias of x-sjis-kddi-cp932-raw.
- Added Encode::JP::Mobile::Character feature and refactoring Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames
- Added Encode::JP::Mobile::FB_CHARACTER feature
- Fix FULLWIDTH TILDE problem, added U+301C to x-sjis-*.ucm, x-utf8-*.ucm
- Support ->mime_name() method
- Fix Encode::JP::Mobile::Vodafone's escape sequence related error
- Fix garbled "Cafe" in SoftBank pictogram name
- More document
- More test
0.24 Sun Jan 20 05:37:48 PST 2008
- Fixed a bug where U+ED7F was in KDDIAutoPictograms, but it shouldn't be.
(Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.23 Fri Jan 18 14:26:01 PST 2008
- Added InKDDICP932Pictograms and InKDDIAutoPictograms (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.22 Thu Jan 17 23:22:27 PST 2008
- *WARNING* x-sjis-kddi <-> x-sjis-docomo roundtrip will be REMOVED in a future release
- Added image URL and character numbers to all table.yaml file for handy
- unicode2name, unicode2name_en and vianame is now exportable from E::JP::M::Charnames
- Update kddi and softbank table to get English names by mapping characters to DoCoMo
- Charnames now supports English names for KDDI/SoftBank characters as well
- removed x-utf8-airh because it's completely useless (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.21 Thu Jan 17 18:46:17 PST 2008
- Added x-utf8-airh as a complete alias of x-utf8-docomo
- Documented AirEDGE pictograms PRIVATE AREA mapping
- Support KDDI-Auto encoding in Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames
- Added unicode_auto to dat/kddi-table.yaml (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- Added author-ucmlint.t for ucm linting
0.20 Thu Jan 17 11:20:48 PST 2008
- Fixed x-utf8-* to handle characters if they have multiple
candidates by picking up the first one. Previously they weren't
mapped at all. (Naoki Tomita, Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.19 Thu Jan 17 01:28:36 PST 2008
- Added InKDDISoftBankConflicts and documented workaround to
handle conflicted characters.
0.18 Thu Jan 17 00:34:32 PST 2008
- Rewrote the entire document in Japanese, rather than English
- Added x-iso-2022-jp-kddi-auto (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- Make it not warn with perl 5.10 (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.17 Wed Jan 16 16:09:15 PST 2008
- Bumped up dependency
0.16 Wed Jan 16 12:14:24 PST 2008
- Added =encoding to POD
- Merged x-utf8-* encodings to do automatic conversion based
on Unicode characters and custom utf-8 based encoding.
(Naoki Tomita and Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.15 Sun Jan 6 01:12:30 PST 2008
- Added x-sjis-kddi-auto Unicode codepoints to InKDDIPictograms
(Naoki Tomita)
0.14 Sat Jan 5 10:55:39 PST 2008
- Added File::ShareDir to prereq
(Thanks to ICERIDER)
0.13 Sat Jan 5 10:01:09 PST 2008
- Added Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames to do things like "\N{DoCoMo Beer}"
(Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.12 Mon Nov 19 02:41:36 PST 2007
- removed PRIVATE AREA characters from all ucm files. This
might be handy if you want to use fallback for those characters in
private area but don't have correspondent characters.
- removed some (actually 131) cp932 characters that are
duplicate with x-sjis-softbank-auto characters. They're not
mapped in shift_jis anyway.
0.11 Tue Nov 13 18:41:53 PST 2007
- Added regression tests for docomo, kddi and softbank
- Added tools/ directory and various extractor tool to create a map
- Added dat/ directory to contain YAML tables for SoftBank, KDDI and DoCoMo
- Updated POD in Encode::JP::Mobile
- Added Encode::JP::KDDIJIS to implement encode/decode x-iso-2022-jp-kddi
(Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- Fixed the round-trip flag of DoCoMo characters in kddi.ucm
and vice verca, so they are used only for Unicode -> encoding
- Added x-sjis-kddi-auto Unicode to SJIS encoding map to
x-sjis-kddi and Vice Verca, so they're round-trip safe between
UTF-8 and SJIS handsets.
- Added x-sjis-softbank-auto encoding for SoftBank 3GC phones.
(Thanks to Masahiro Chiba)
0.10 Mon Nov 12 14:35:56 PST 2007
- x-sjis-softbank is now also based on cp932, not Shift_JIS.
0.09 Mon Nov 12 13:11:51 PST 2007
- Fixed a major mapping error in x-sjis-airedge.ucm by
removing it, because x-sjis-airedge (and x-sjis-imode as well) is just
a subset of cp932 (not shift_jis). x-sjis-airedge is now an alias of cp932.
0.08 Mon Nov 12 11:20:42 PST 2007
- Fixed a bug where Vodafone (SoftBank) high-bit operation was incorrect
(Thanks to Masahiro Chiba,
0.07 Mon Nov 12 04:42:38 PST 2007
- Renamed shift_jis-* to x-sjis-*.
The old shift_jis-* encoding names are still aliased for backward compatiblity.
- Added x-sjis-kddi-auto.ucm, which is based on KDDI/AU
handset internal SJIS <=> UTF-8 encoding mapping table.
See for details
(Thanks to Naoki Tomita and tokuhirom for testing)
0.06 Mon Nov 12 01:45:42 PST 2007
- Fixed "hare" mapping in Ezweb
(Thanks to Naoki Tomita)
0.05 Mon May 28 20:53:44 PDT 2007
- Fixes that fallback flag was ignored in the Vodafone encoding
(Thanks to Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.04 Fri May 25 16:31:03 PDT 2007
- Support KDDI/AU <-> NTT DoCoMo mapping
(Thanks to Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.03 Fri Jul 14 15:15:20 JST 2006
- Added 'shift_jis-softbank' as an alias of 'shift_jis-vodafone'
0.02 Wed Jun 22 17:30:29 JST 2005
- ucm files are based on cp932.ucm, not shiftjis.ucm
0.01 Wed Jun 22 12:01:25 2005
Autogenerated by enc2xs version 2.01.
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