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use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dumper;
use Test::More tests => 34;
use Encode;
my @WARN;
$SIG{__WARN__} = sub {
push @WARN, shift;
use utf8; # utf8 mode!
use charnames ':full';
is sprintf( "%X", unpack "U*", "\N{DIGIT SIX}" ), "36";
is charnames::vianame('DIGIT SIX'), 0x36;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{HIRAGANA LETTER GA}"), 1;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{DIGIT SIX}"), 1;
use Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames
qw( vianame unicode2name unicode2name_en );
is charnames::vianame('DIGIT SIX'), 0x36;
is vianame('DoCoMo Beer'), 0xE672;
is unicode2name(0xE672), 'ビール';
is unicode2name(0xE047), 'ビール'; # SoftBank
is unicode2name(0xE5CC), '打ち上げ花火', 'ezweb-cp932';
is unicode2name(0xF0FC), '打ち上げ花火', 'ezweb-auto';
is unicode2name(0xE501), 'ラブホテル',
'kddi-softbank conflict code. should return softbank code';
ok Encode::is_utf8( unicode2name(0xE672) );
is unicode2name_en(0xE672), 'Beer'; # DoCoMo
is unicode2name_en(0xE4C3), 'Beer'; # KDDI-CP932
is unicode2name_en(0xEF9C), 'Beer'; # KDDI-Auto
is unicode2name_en(0xE047), 'Beer'; # SoftBank
is "\N{DoCoMo Beer}", "\x{E672}";
is "\N{DoCoMo ファーストフード}", "\x{E673}";
is "\N{KDDI Beer}", "\x{E4C3}";
is "\N{SoftBank Beer}", "\x{E047}";
is "\N{DIGIT SIX}", "6";
@WARN = ();
my $v_charnames_version = pack "C*", split /\./, $charnames::VERSION;
my $backslash_N_fatal = $v_charnames_version ge v1.33;
my $x = vianame('DoCoMo Foo');
$x = eval '"\N{UNKNOWN CHARACTER}"';
my $eval_failure = $@;
@WARN = grep !/^Use of uninitialized value/, @WARN; # remove UUV warnings
is scalar(@WARN), (($backslash_N_fatal) ? 1 : 2), 'check warn num';
like $WARN[0], qr{unknown charnames: Foo}, 'warning when unkown character';
like (($backslash_N_fatal)
? $eval_failure
: $WARN[1], qr{Unknown charname 'UNKNOWN CHARACTER'}, 'warning when unkown \N{} character');
eval { unicode2name() }; like $@, qr{^missing code}, "validation";
eval { unicode2name_en() }; like $@, qr{^missing code}, "validation";
eval { vianame() }; like $@, qr{^missing name}, "validation";
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{DoCoMo Beer}"), 1;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{DoCoMo ファーストフード}"), 1;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{HIRAGANA LETTER GA}"), 1;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{DIGIT SIX}"), 1;
use bytes; # bytes mode!
use charnames ':full';
my $orig = Encode::is_utf8("\N{DIGIT SIX}") ? 'true' : 'false';
ok "\N{DIGIT SIX}" eq '6';
use Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames;
is Encode::is_utf8("\N{DIGIT SIX}") ? 'true' : 'false', $orig, 'check consistency';
ok "\N{DIGIT SIX}" eq '6';
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