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use strict;
use warnings;
use Encode;
use Encode::JP::Mobile ':props';
use Test::More;
eval { require YAML };
plan skip_all => $@ if $@;
my $dat = YAML::LoadFile("dat/docomo-table.yaml");
plan tests => 5 * @$dat;
for my $r (@$dat) {
my $sjis = pack "H*", $r->{sjis};
my $unicode = chr hex $r->{unicode};
is decode("x-sjis-docomo", $sjis), $unicode, $r->{unicode};
is encode("x-sjis-docomo", $unicode), $sjis, $r->{unicode};
ok $unicode =~ /^\p{InDoCoMoPictograms}+$/;
ok $unicode =~ /^\p{InMobileJPPictograms}+$/;
ok $unicode !~ /^\p{InKDDIPictograms}+$/;
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