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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More tests => 42;
use Encode::JP::Mobile;
use Encode::JP::Mobile::KDDIJIS;
use Encode;
sub test_it {
my ($jis, $normal_uni, $auto_uni, $case) = @_;
$case ||= unpack "H*", $normal_uni;
is decode("x-iso-2022-jp-kddi", $jis), $normal_uni, "decoding $case(normal)";
is $jis, encode("x-iso-2022-jp-ezweb", $normal_uni), "encoding $case(normal)";
is decode("x-iso-2022-jp-ezweb-auto", $jis), $auto_uni, "decoding $case(auto)";
is $jis, encode("x-iso-2022-jp-kddi-auto", $auto_uni), "encoding $case(auto)";
# test kddi-auto Unicode chars as well ... rare in reality though
my $bytes = $jis;
Encode::from_to($bytes, "x-iso-2022-jp-kddi" => "x-sjis-kddi-cp932-raw");
Encode::from_to($bytes, "x-sjis-kddi-cp932-raw", "x-iso-2022-jp-kddi");
is $bytes, $jis, "x-sjis-kddi-auto $case";
test_it("\e\$B\x75\x41\e(B", "\x{E488}", "\x{EF60}", "pictogram");
test_it "a", decode('utf8', 'a'), decode('utf8', 'a'), 'alphabet';
test_it "\e\$B\x24\x57\e\(B", "\x{3077}", "\x{3077}", 'kanji(tora)';
is encode('x-iso-2022-jp-kddi', "\x{5bc5}"), encode('iso-2022-jp', "\x{5bc5}"), "kanji";
is decode('x-iso-2022-jp-kddi', "\e\$B\x24\x57\e\(B", Encode::FB_PERLQQ), "\x{3077}", "test fallback branch(only for test coverage)";
test_it "\e\$B\x75\x41\e(B", "\x{E488}", "\x{EF60}", 'pictogram';
test_it "\e\$B\x75\x41\x76\x76\e(B", "\x{e488}\x{e51b}", "\x{EF60}\x{EFF4}", 'pictogram';
test_it encode('iso-2022-jp', decode("utf8", "")), decode('utf8', ""), decode('utf8', ""), 'o';
test_it encode('iso-2022-jp', decode("utf8", "おいおい。山岡くん。kanbenしてくれよ!表示。")), decode('utf8', "おいおい。山岡くん。kanbenしてくれよ!表示。"), decode('utf8', "おいおい。山岡くん。kanbenしてくれよ!表示。"), 'kanji, hiragana, alphabet';
test_it "\e\(I\x54\x2F\x4E\x5F\e(B", decode('utf8', "ヤッポ"), decode('utf8', "ヤッポ"), 'half width katakana';
# is decode('x-iso-2022-jp-kddi', "\e\$(D\x2B\x21\x30\x57\e(B"), "\x{00E1}\x{4F0C}", 'JIS X 0212';
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