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0.0300 2009-12-28
- Got rid of the notion of "advanced" methods in favor of a cleaner way to throw errors.
- Now throws errors by dieing with an array ref of [code, msg, data].
- Procedures are now passed their data as a list not refs.
0.0200 2009-12-24
- Added JSON::RPC::Dispatcher::App to make it easy to create sub-classable apps.
- Added required module Sub::Name.
- Added error() helper method to JSON::RPC::Dispatcher::Procedure.
0.0101 2009-12-19
- Params now set error if they aren't a hash or array as specified in the spec.
- We now send the Content-Length header with the response per the spec.
- Notification responses are removed from batch requests, and if only a notification is sent the HTTP response is 204 No Content per the spec.
- Removed extraneous result/error nodes per spec.
- Fixed bulk requests.
- Added author tests which put the whole system through it's paces.
0.0100 2009-12-19
- Initial public release.