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Https support #2

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Corion commented Jul 13, 2012

This needs a patch to AnyEvent::Handle on my (Windows) machine to make Net::SSLeay behave. That patch is submitted to Marc Lehman already.

On Linux, I needed to upgrade all libraries to their latest versions to make t/01_ssl.t pass:

AnyEvent::HTTP 2.14
AnyEvent 7.01
EV 4.11

I don't know which one of these was needed, I guess AnyEvent and EV were the culprits.

So I'm not sure if this is really a good idea, as it has some hard-to-control prerequisites. But if you want to serve HTTPS with AnyEvent, this is the only way I found that works. And I use it for a server that can serve both, HTTP and HTTPS in the same process, on Windows :-)

Max Maischein added some commits Jul 13, 2012
Corion commented Jul 17, 2012

After some correspondence with Marc Lehmann and once bug report against openssl later, I think this is fit for merging. The combination of Windows + Strawberryperl + OpenSSL is problematic, but at least for me, upgrading to Strawberry Perl 5.16.0 and its toolchain makes the added test pass without any changes to AnyEvent::Handle.

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