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Document --backlog and --disable-keepalive. Fixes gh-2

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@@ -70,10 +70,30 @@ processes running. So even if there're no idle workers, Starman won't
spawn off spare processes since that's mostly what you want to do by
fine tuning the memory usage etc. in the production environment.
+=item --backlog
+Specifies the number of backlog (listen queue size) of listener sockets. Defaults to 1024.
+On production systems, setting a very low value can allow failover on
+frontend proxy (like nginx) to happen more quickly, if you have
+multiple Starman clusters.
+If you're doing simple benchmarks and getting connection errors,
+increasing this parameter can help avoid them. You should also
+consider increasing C<net.core.somaxconn>. Note that this is not
+recommended for real production system if you have another cluster to
+failover (see above).
=item --max-requests
Number of the requests to process per one worker process. Defaults to 1000.
+=item --disable-keepalive
+Disable Keep-alive persistent connections. Useful if you run Starman
+behind a frontend proxy that tries to pool connections more than a
+number of backend workers (i.e. Apache mpm_prefork + mod_proxy).
See `plackup -h` for more options.

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