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HTTP/1.1 responses that already have chunked encoding applied get Chunked encoded again #23

veryrusty opened this Issue Mar 11, 2011 · 2 comments

3 participants


In Starman::Server::_finalize_response()
if the protocol is HTTP/1.1 and there is no content-length header, but the body has already been Chunked encoded (such as via Plack::Middleware::Chunked), then an extra 'Transfer-Encoding' header is added to @headers and the body ends up being chunk encoded twice.


PSGI applications usually should not deal with Transfer-encoding, but I will accept a patch if it's there.


Just sent you a patch.

In my case it is a Mojolicious app, that can run standalone, with a Mojo server or with PSGI.
This app already generates chunked output, which breaks under Starman, for example.

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