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The min_spare_servers, max_spare_servers, max_servers options weren't clearly documented, I had to look at the code to find out how to let Starman dynamically start more workers to handle the current load (within defined limits).

I've added these to the documentation in bin/starman, and also fixed some typos and improved the clarity of some parts while I was there :)

bigpresh added some commits Feb 3, 2012
@bigpresh bigpresh Document min/max_spare_servers & max_servers options
These weren't clearly documented before, in my opinion; i had to delve into the
code to find out how to allow the number of worker processes to adapt to the
load, rather than being fixed.
@bigpresh bigpresh A few typo fixes and slight wording changes for clarity 280d40a
@bigpresh bigpresh More wording tweaks for clarity. 6e63ed2
@bigpresh bigpresh A handful more minor wording tweaks. b710d65
@bigpresh bigpresh D'oh, typo fixes in the text I added 4cad91a
@bigpresh bigpresh Mention control of worker processes in main docs. 5e72b42
@bigpresh bigpresh "Which", not "that"
I think this reads ever so slightly more naturally, although both forms are
considered correct.
@bigpresh bigpresh More minor doc tweaks. 34241aa
@miyagawa miyagawa commented on the diff Oct 31, 2012
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ starman - Starman launcher
starman --listen :5001 --listen /tmp/starman.sock
starman --workers 32 --port 8080
+ starman --min_spare_severs 2 --max_spare_servers 4 --max_servers 10
miyagawa Oct 31, 2012

you can use - and plack handler automatically converts to _. i.e. starman --min-spare-servers 2 ... I prefer the use of -.

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