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Aviod duplicate Transfer-Encoding: chunked when already set in headers #93

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Apps could set this even if they probably shouldn't. Avoiding the duplicate.


You also need to factor in the possibility of application setting the 'Transfer-Encoding: identity' header (which would indicate that message is terminated by closing the connection), in which case as per RFC2612 the 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked' is not necessary. Something like is what I use.

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  1. +4 −1 lib/Starman/
5 lib/Starman/
@@ -475,7 +475,10 @@ sub _finalize_response {
if ( !exists $headers{'content-length'} ) {
if ( $status !~ /^1\d\d|[23]04$/ && $env->{REQUEST_METHOD} ne 'HEAD' ) {
DEBUG && warn "[$$] Using chunked transfer-encoding to send unknown length body\n";
- push @headers, 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked';
+ # Only push where 'chunked' encoding is not already present
+ push @headers, 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked'
+ unless (( exists $headers{'transfer-encoding'})
+ && ( $headers{'transfer-encoding'} =~ /chunked/ ));
$chunked = 1;
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