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Revision history for Perl extension Tatsumaki
0.1005 Sat Dec 12 00:57:20 PST 2009
- Fixed services conflicts with the latest Moose (hiratara)
- Use path_info rather than path to dispatch
- Push buffered events immediately in long-poll (hiratara)
- Fixed params bug where multiple values are flattened (ingy)
0.1004 Tue Dec 8 07:21:24 PST 2009
- Fixed a memory leak in MessageQueue (jshirly)
- Added experimental methods to set and get services from Application
0.1003 Mon Nov 16 21:38:04 PST 2009
- Revert to use Text::MicroTemplate::File for now
0.1002 Mon Nov 16 18:03:50 PST 2009
- Remove client ID from MXHR example because it's not needed
- Specify lowest Mouse deps to make it work
- Delay load Text::MicroTemplate so you can use other template engines like TT2 (ingydotnet)
- Use Text::MicroTemplate::Extended by default (faultier, typester)
0.1001 Wed Nov 11 23:30:24 PST 2009
- use Any::Moose: now all deps should run in pure perl, with optional XS speedups
0.1000 Wed Nov 11 01:35:05 PST 2009
- Initial version to CPAN
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