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<dd>Returns the latest distribution file path that contains the package and its version string ('undef' is a valid version string) in YAML format. Returns 404 status code if the package is not found.</dd>
+By using CPAN Meta DB through <a href="">cpanm</a>, you're sending the version of cpanm installation, IP address as well as your local perl version (as of 1.6004 or later). You can opt it out by setting <code>--mirror-only</code> option to not use CPAN Meta DB for faster index resolution.
+The collected data is stored securely on the server, and used to make the service reliable (i.e. blacklisting DoS attacks) and for data mining purposes such as <a href="">perl version stats</a>. Unmasked IP addresses are never published nor shared with third parties.
<div id="footer">
This is yet another CPAN Meta DB, created by <a href="">Tatsuhiko Miyagawa</a> for <a href="">cpanminus</a>.<br/>
Powered by <a href="">Linode</a> and the source code is available on <a href="">github</a>.

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