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Z Shell Completion Script

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Z Shell Completion Script

This script will help you if you are using zsh for your shell.
This handles all options/commands documented, and optimizes the file glob behavior for installation from local files or directories.
Note that this is only for zsh, you can't use this on bash or any other shells.


1. Create a file named _cpanm in one of your $fpath directory

The Completion/Unix directory might be a good place to put it in. (Unix is a directory for general external commands' scripts.)

For Ubuntu, it should be located at:

Note that you can't change the name of the script, it should be '_' + "the command's actual name".

2. Paste the following code into _cpanm:

rshhh / cpanminus : etc/_cpanm

3. Restart your shell

That's it!


All arguments, commands, and options listed in the POD is supported.

See also: cpan-listchanges:Z Shell Completion Script


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