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This is a github post-receive hook server to accept your Github changes to automatically update Google Code issue tracker.

How to setup

This script runs as a web server and accepts configurations in its command line option.

% ./ --port 9999 --path /github-hook --project remedie --email john.smith
HTTP::Server::Simple: You can connect to your server at http://localhost:9999/

You can specify the port the server listens to, which is 9999 by default.

--path specifies the Post-receive URL path that you can set in the Github service tab. It defaults to / but for the extra security you might want to change it to something else like /something-secret so that nobody can use this server to make updates to your project tickets. (I wish Github signs the envelope with a shared key so that we don't need to do this)

--project is the name for your Google Code project, as seen in

--email is the account email address you use to sign in Google Code. You can omit here.

You can either specify the password with --password command line option, or otherwise the script will prompt you with no-echo. The command line option will be more useful for an automatic restart, but more insecure obviously. This script tries to change its process name after the startup to hide the path and password in ps output though.

Google Accounts and Authentication

Since Google Code doesn't have any API, this code does scraping with WWW::Mechanize to interact with Google Code. The login information and cookies are kept on memory and is never saved into any files, but it's highly recommended that you create another account on Google, separate from your main one, and then add the bot account to your project member so that the bot can have a write access to Google Code tickets.


This uses the same syntax used in Lighthouse hook, explained at so you can specify the command to update the tickets in Git commit messages.


Added a link to [#12]

This adds a comment and link to Github commit, but doesn't change any of the attributes of ticket #12 on Google Code.

Fixed a memory leak bug. [#12 label:Security milestone:0.8 status:Fixed owner:jesse]

This adds a comment and link to the commit, then changes the various values of the ticket #12.

milestone:0.8 is an alias of label:Milestone-0.8, but will update the existent label if there's already one with Milestone-*. The same with type for Type-* and priority for Priority-*. state is an alias for status.


Same as Perl.


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa