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Heroku buildpack to run Perl/PSGI apps using Starman HTTP server
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Heroku buildpack: Perl

This is a Heroku buildpack that runs any PSGI based web applications using Starman.


Example usage:

$ ls

$ cat cpanfile
requires 'Plack', '1.0000';
requires 'DBI', '1.6';

$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack

$ git push heroku master
-----> Heroku receiving push
-----> Fetching custom buildpack
-----> Perl/PSGI app detected
-----> Installing dependencies

The buildpack will detect that your app has an app.psgi in the root.


Dependencies can be declared using cpanfile (recommended) or more traditional Makefile.PL, Build.PL and META.json (whichever you can install with cpanm --installdeps), and the buildpack will install these dependencies using cpanm into ./local directory.

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