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Gmail → Mailgun → Heroku → IFTTT/Kindle

This tiny app receives emails from yakan-hiko via Mailgun, downloads the MOBI file and sends it to IFTTT with "#epub #mobi #yakanhiko" in the subject for further automation. You can alternatively set it up to directly send to your Kindle Personal Document email address by setting EMAIL_TO config variable (see below).


Beware it is complicated.

  • Deploy this app to heroku, note the URL
  • Create mailgun account and note your API key and domain
  • heroku config:add environment variables (see below)
  • Make a route on mailgun to send to the Heroku app, for example route nightflight-epub@yourdomain.mailgun.org to http://yourapp.herokuapp.com/receive
  • Enable Gmail filter from:yakan-hiko.com to nightflight-epub@yourdomain.mailgun.org. This application automatically confirms the Gmail forwarding request.

Now every time Yakan-hiko sends your a new issue, mobi file attachements are downloaded and sent to trigger@ifttt.com (or the address set in EMAIL_TO) with #epub #mobi #yakanhiko tags. Make a recipe to save it to dropbox or however you want.

Environment variables

This app is supposed to run on Heroku and requires following environment variables set via heroku config:add.

  • YAKAN_HIKO_LOGIN - login for yakan-hiko.com
  • YAKAN_HIKO_PASSWORD - password
  • MAILGUN_API_KEY - Mailgun API Key
  • MAILGUN_DOMAIN - your domain for mailgun (sample.mailgun.org)
  • EMAIL_FROM - From: header for the email sent. Set it for IFTTT identification
  • EMAIL_TO - Email address to send email to. Defaults to trigger@ifttt.com