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Perl5 Interface to - RT notifications of feed updates

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This is Perl module AnyEvent::Superfeedr.


see installation notes below.

- This is still WIP
- Since Superfeedr has a PubSub implementation bug, it requires a
  AnyEvent::XMPP patch [*]
- It also requires a patch to split_uri [*]

[*] see



AnyEvent::Superfeedr installation is straightforward. If your CPAN shell is set up,
you should just be able to do (well, when this will be on CPAN ;)

    % cpan AnyEvent::Superfeedr

Download it, unpack it, then build it as per the usual:

    % perl Makefile.PL
    % make && make test

Then install it:

    % make install


AnyEvent::Superfeedr documentation is available as in POD. So you can do:

    % perldoc AnyEvent::Superfeedr

to read the documentation online with your favorite pager.

Yann Kerherve
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