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Added Catalyst and Jifty core branches info. Added more frameworks su…

…ch as Web::Simple and WebNano
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commit 41ab58995f42bc1b4f162edf28c91fe92946c090 1 parent 4f04e96
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa authored

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13 index.html
@@ -96,7 +96,9 @@ <h2 id="frameworks">Frameworks</h2>
96 96
97 97 <dl>
98 98 <dt><a href="">Catalyst</a></dt>
99   -<dd>Catalyst is one of the most popular web application frameworks in Perl and has a support for PSGI through <a href="">Catalyst::Engine::PSGI</a>.</dd>
  99 +<dd>Catalyst is one of the most popular web application frameworks in Perl and has a support for PSGI through <a href="">Catalyst::Engine::PSGI</a>. There's also <a href="">psgi branch</a> on Catalyst core to use PSGI by default.</dd>
  100 +<dt><a href="">Jifty</a></dt>
  101 +<dd>Jifty is a full-stack Perl web application framework that comes with continuations, form-based dispatch, ORM and A Pony. Jifty applications are now supposed to run on Plack <a href="">on plack-rebased branch</a>.</dd>
100 102 <dt><a href="">CGI::Application</a></dt>
101 103 <dd>CGI::Application is a lightweight web framework. Any CGI::Application based applications can run as a PSGI application using <a href="">CGI::PSGI</a> and <a href="">CGI::Application::PSGI</a>.</dd>
102 104 <dt><a href="">HTTP::Engine</a></dt>
@@ -115,13 +117,8 @@ <h2 id="frameworks">Frameworks</h2>
115 117 <dd>Tatsumaki is a web application framework built on top of Plack and AnyEvent: natively supports non-blocking I/O through psgi.streaming and psgi.nonblocking, non-blocking HTTP clients, long-poll Comet services and server push.</dd>
116 118 <dt><a href="">Mojolicious</a></dt>
117 119 <dd>Mojolicious is Merb and Sinatra inspired web framework and has zero dependencies to non-core Perl modules. It has a native PSGI adapter since 0.999920 on CPAN.</dd>
118   -<!-- dt><a href="">Angelos</a></dt>
119   -<dt><a href="">Ark</a></dt>
120   -<dt><a href="">Schenker</a></dt>
121   -<dt><a href="">Noe</a></dt>
122   -<dt><a href="">Kamui</a></dt -->
123   -
124   -</dt>
  120 +<dt>Other frameworks</dt>
  121 +<dd>There are lots of other individual frameworks that supports PSGI and Plack. Some of them are not available on CPAN but are developed on github: <a href="">Web::Simple</a>, <a href="">Angelos</a>, <a href="">Ark</a>, <a href="">Schenker</a>, <a href="">Noe</a>, <a href="">Kamui</a> and <a href="">WebNano</a>.</dd>
125 122
126 123 <h2 id="applications">Applications</h2>
127 124

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