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@@ -86,11 +86,11 @@
<dt><a href="">Squatting</a></dt>
<dd>Squatting is a Camping-inspired Web Microframework and has support for PSGI through <a href="">Squatting::On::PSGI</a></dd>
<dt><a href="">Continuity</a></dt>
-<dt><a href="">Angelos</a></dt>
+<!-- dt><a href="">Angelos</a></dt>
<dt><a href="">Ark</a></dt>
<dt><a href="">Schenker</a></dt>
<dt><a href="">Noe</a></dt>
-<dt><a href="">Kamui</a></dt>
+<dt><a href="">Kamui</a></dt -->

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