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Add missing commands (for perlbrew users) to plenv


git clone git:// ~/.plenv/plugins/plenv-contrib/



Runs specified command for all installed plenv versions, a la perlbrew exec. Use --with to specify versions explicitly, or --except to exclude versions.

> plenv exec-all prove t/foo.t
> plenv exec-all --with 5.10.1,5.20.2 prove t/foo.t
> plenv exec-all --except 5.8.9 prove t/foo.t


Manages local::lib paths for each perl version.

> plenv lib list
> plenv lib create chocolate
> plenv lib create 5.16.3@vanilla
> plenv lib delete chocolate

local::lib name is local to the current perl.


Launches a new shell with specified plenv version. Use the @lib syntax to specify the local::lib name created with plenv lib.

> plenv use 5.18.0
> plenv lib create 5.16.3@nobita
> plenv use 5.16.3@nobita