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Remedie is under development and requires lots of hacking.
Pull the latest code from git using git pull or github download, then run:
> perl ./bin/
and access http://localhost:10010/ to see the app running. The logs
and app cache are stored in ~/.remedie and ~/.plagger dirctory.
You can type 'R' (shift+r) to refresh all feeds from UI. Type 'H'
(shift+h) to see the list of available keyboard shortcuts.
I hope this will eventually become standalone installable app using preferencePanes etc.
For now, stop the `` process by `kill` or Ctrl-C, and then
> rm -r ~/.remedie
to clean the database, Running `` will automatically
re-initialize SQLite database. When we change the schema you might
need to do that again (and that will lose all your items in the
database!) until we come up with a decent schema upgrading system.
Got a black screen or JavaScript alert "Can't load subscription"? Try:
> env REMEDIE_DEBUG=1 ./bin/
and see ~/.remedie/logs/error.log for the errors.
See for current issues and TODOs.