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Remedie is a perl based pluggable media center application. It runs as a web server, uses Plagger and SQLite as its backend and uses JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS to build the user interface.

How to install

If you're a lucky Mac OS X Leopard user, you can download the pre-build application bundle from downloads page.

In summary, you can get the source code, install Perl dependencies and run the web server.

git clone git://
cd remedie
perl Makefile.PL

If you do not have git command in handy, you can also download the tarball or ZIP file from github master (there's a "download" button). But I strongly suggest you shouldn't do that, since you need to manually download and update the local copy when Remedie is updated. With git it's just git pull.

Before running make installdeps command, you need to setup CPAN command so as you can install dependencies as non-root user. To do that, run cpan and then run the following commands to save the preference.

o conf make_install_make_command 'sudo make'
o conf mbuild_install_build_command 'sudo ./Build'
o conf commit

perl Makefile.PL && make installdeps will examine Makefile.PL, installs required Perl modules from CPAN. Do not run make install (or cpan -i .). Especially, if you have Plagger installed in your system, running make install for Remedie breaks your existent Plagger installation because we forked Plagger. So, don't do that.

Now with the process running, you can access Remedie user interface by accessing http://localhost:10010/ with your browser. See the file HACKING for more details.


Unless otherwise noted, Remedie and Plagger perl code and remedie*.js are licensed under Perl Artistic or GPL 2 License.

This software also includes the following material which have their own license: